Wow, what a show.

It turned out, as everybody hoped it would, to be a fantastic finale.

There are links to galleries etc on scenes from the show link on the home page but here are a few words about the organisation


Whilst there has been a team behind the show I don't think anyone would argue against the statement that the main man behind the show throughout has been Howard Martin

The NGSW show was organised by the Small & Delightful Railway Group which is a small group of friends who meet as railway enthusiast and modellers.  25 years ago they decided to put on this exhibition with members putting a tenner in the hat to finance the first show.

20+ years later the show has been a major fixture in the narrow gauge world but time has been catching up with the organisers with ailments and injuries slowing them down.

Rather than struggle on it was decided to aim to get to the 25th anniversary and then go out with a bang managing their exit from the exhibition calendar in a memorable way.

A great show and a friendly show becomes something to look forward to each year and some legends grow up around the show.

Famous at Shepton are Howard's elastic tape measure and 9inch to the foot ruler

There have been tributes to the event and to the organisers on various modelling forums. You can read my own here